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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Thick Japanese Greeen Tea~♪

Thick Japanese Tea and candies make me feel peaceful and comfortable!


The snail on the rice cracker and dry Japanese Candies shaped like
hydrangeas express our feelings of June, the rainy season..

That's why when I don't feel like going out, I make myself at home
and enjyoy thick Japanese tea , which is called " mattcha" in

☆☆☆ How to make " mattcha" ☆☆

Put two scoops of powdered green tea into a teabowl.

Add hot water and stir with a tea whisk (called "Chasenn")

made from bamboo.

Then it becomes frothy.

It's important to make tea with all your heart!!!


  • At 01 November, 2006 05:44, Blogger Barbee' said…

    Your web site is pretty!

  • At 02 November, 2006 12:24, Blogger yaezakura said…

    Hi,thanks for your comment.

    I'm going to try to show you Japanese pretty food!

  • At 02 November, 2006 14:37, Blogger kuribo said…

    はじめまして、クリボウです。Blogger リングへのご参加、ありがとうございます。

    > TOPPAGEが示されず困っています


    あと、このテンプレートだと写真の幅は 435 ピクセルぐらいまでが良さそうですね。


  • At 02 November, 2006 15:06, Blogger yaezakura said…





  • At 02 November, 2007 06:24, Blogger Ermanno said…

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  • At 02 November, 2007 06:39, Blogger Ermanno A. said…

    It seems delicious!

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    WOW! I can't wait to try it! Bu the way, i was wondering if you could help me learn Japanese!

    And great job on the website! :)

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    KO-N-NI-CHI-WA (^_^)v
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